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Music to Our Ears: CityMusic presents rare performances by Dylana Jenson , March 3, 2011, Carol Drummond

CityMusic presents rare performances by one-time child prodigy-turned-reclusive yet critically-acclaimed violin soloist, Dylana Jenson

For the past seven years CityMusic has brought world-class classical music to the public of Northeast Ohio at no cost. In their Wed 3/16 – Sat 3/19 free and open-to-the-public concert series, Northeast Ohio residents are treated once again to a rare musical feast – Dylana Jenson and her violin.

Dylana Jenson began her childhood musical career at age 2, being instructed by her self-taught mother. By age eight she was performing in concerts, culminating at age 17 by winning the silver medal in the International Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow.

When she married at age 21, her benefactor could not believe that a married woman could pursue her career and he pulled his financial support, including his violin, a del Gesu. This was a devastating blow to her career from which she has never been able to recover. Dyala has only recently acquired the use of an instrument that is suitable to her level of talent, made by internationally renowned violin maker Sam Zygmuntowicz. With this new impetus she has recorded an album and is playing in concert again, being one of the few violin soloists of her caliber playing on a modern instrument.

When asked about her upcoming performance in Northeast Ohio, Dylana says, “I had played with the Cleveland Orchestra years ago and I feel privileged and grateful to be asked to return and play again in Cleveland.”