Clurie Bennis Children’s Outreach Program

The Clurie Bennis Children’s Outreach Series provides free, high-quality music education experiences to Cleveland schools and communities. In this series educational pieces take the form of cultural experiences relayed through music, theater and dance, allowing CityMusic teaching artists to engage children with music not represented in traditional curriculum. Each year four separate pieces are designed to maximize student participation and open up new avenues of cultural appreciation through music. The 2018-2019 series features the following programs:


The Rabbit On The Moon: A Harvest Festival (September/October 2018)

The modern day retelling of the Jade Rabbit (a.k.a. the Moon Rabbit), a folk story common throughout Asia and most commonly associated with the Chinese Harvest Festival. The story will be told through traditional Chinese music and visually enhanced with the participation of a puppeteer.

Rabbit on the Moon Poster

Public Performances:

September 28th

3:00 p.m. Fleet Branch Library

4:45 p.m. Noble Road Library


September 29th

10:00 a.m. Negative Space Gallery



My Beautiful Birds (January 2019)

The award winning children’s book My Beautiful Birds by Suzanne Del Rizzo will be presented in movie-like form. The story will be read to an accompanying live soundtrack that will consist of string quartet repertoire infused with traditional Middle Eastern folk tunes. Projections of images from the book made of clay figures will visually enhance the story, which is a gentle yet moving account of refugees of the Syrian Civil War. It illuminates the ongoing crisis as it affects its children.


Ole! An Adventure to Carnival (March 2019)

A child travels to Brazil for the first time to find him/herself guided by a Carnival fairy through the history, musical rhythms and dance steps of Brazilian traditions related to the festival. There will be interactive portions though the show in which the children will learn basic Portuguese phrases, samba dance steps and samba rhythms. The show will conclude with either a Carnival parade or group dance.


The series takes place in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Cleveland and local schools and libraries. The schools and neighborhoods we partner with have high levels of poverty, large concentrations of minorities, and in some cases large immigrant and refugee populations.  CityMusic removes any barriers to enhanced arts education experiences by bringing these programs directly to schools and libraries at no charge. By presenting unique music educational experiences for children through relatable stories and media, we aim to inspire students to engage with music and participate more fully in their school music programs. The socially integrative effect that music can have is well documented, and we hope to help children from struggling families and immigrant and refugee backgrounds find a space where they can learn and express themselves. The four programs will be presented at each location, providing a sequential series that enhances school music curriculum.


Education Director: Esther Nahm



In2ative and Christian Townsend at St. Jerome’s School, Collinwood

Get That Groove On


In2ative at the Noble Road Library


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