Avner DormanPaul Watkins, Guest ConductorStefan Willich, Guest Conductor

Tessa Lark
Jeanine De Bique
Miho Hashizume
Sayaka Shoji
Sophie Benn
Eric Ohlsson
Laura Koepke
Elizabeth Freimuth
Stefan Willich
Richard Kline, Diamond Dogs Vocalist
Anjanette Hall, Narrator
Daniel Gilbert
Jonathan Bagg
Chabrelle Williams, soprano
Merima Ključo, accordian
Edward Arron

Miho Hashizume, concertmasterClurie Williams Bennis Chair
Espen Lilleslatten, Concertmaster- Clurie Williams Bennis Chair
Masha Andreini
Joseph Kromholz- Vita Buehner Chair
Ann Yu
Karin Harrell
Aniela Eddy
Catherine Cosbey
Carina Vincenti
Carter Coleman
Colin Laursen
Eun-song Koh
Alicia Choi
Ruben Rengel
Janice Lee
David Kemper
Stefanie Schore
Jennifer Yamamoto-Snyder
Michael DiBarry
Pablo Griggio
Susan Britton
Eunho Kim
Aaron Schwartz
Tobiah Murphy
Irene Guerra
James Larson

Minju Kim, principal- Ari Hightower Chair
Eunho Kim, acting principal- Ari Hightower Chair
Grace KawamuraDavid Heller & Anthony Kohut Chair
Diana Pepelea
Melissa Deal
Dianna Joiner
Adrienne Harmon
Jecoliah Wang, Guest Principal - Ari Hightower Chair
Chiara Fasani Stauffer
Stefanie Schore
Michael DiBarry
Janice Lee
Thomas Stuart
Paul Kim
Lisa Kim
Patrick Shaugnessy
James MacQueen
Sylvia Wehrs
Ann Yu
Sylvia Wehrs
Irene Guerra
Samuel Rotberg
Paula Castaneda
Heewon Uhm
James Larson

Jonathan Bagg, Principal
Yaël Senamaud - Cohen, acting principal
William Bender
Esther Nahm
Sarah Poe
Charles Krenner- Schoenberg Chair
Yu Jin, Principal
Chung Han Hsiao
Luisa Fernanda Varon
Spencer Ingersoll
Caitlin Lynch, principal
Jessica Pasternak
Laurel Borden
Christine Harada Li
Katerina Istomin
Cristian DiazCityMusic Fellow
Maija Anstine

Sophie Benn- William & Joan Houghton Chair
Caroline Kim, Guest Principal- William & Joan Houghton Chair
Anna Hurt
Nataliya Pshenychna
Trevor Kazarian
Tom Sullivan
Carlyn Kessler
Ryan Louie
MaryGrace Bender

Tracy Rowell, Principal- Luke Movius Chair
Joel Negus
Adam Attard

Elizabeth Buck, Guest Principal
Laura Gilbert, PrincipalWarren Bennis Chair
Kimberly Zaleski
Nancy Stagnitta, Guest Principal
Jessica Sindell, Guest Principal- Warren Bennis Chair
Heidi Ruby-Kushious, principal
Brianne Olsen
Brandy HudelsonGuest Principal

Mary Kausek, Principal- Ali and Sawsan Alhaddad Chair
Megan Kyle, Guest Principal
Justine Myers
Eric Ohlsson, Guest Principal- Ali and Sawsan Alhaddad Chair
Robin Driscoll, Guest Principal- Ali and Sawsan Alhaddad Chair
Kristin Perry
Terry Orcutt

Daniel Gilbert, Principal - Daniel Cornstein Chair
Ellen Breakfield Glick
David Snyder

Laura Koepke, PrincipalJulie and William Frazier Chair
Maureen Strenge, guest principal- Julie and William Frazier Bassoon Chair
Alexander Davis
Arleigh Savage
Marisa Esposito

Margaret Tung, principal
Sean Yancer
Lisa Fink
Benjamin Hottensmith
Sam Hartman
Andrew Symington

Stephanie Blaha
Ken Wadenpfuhl
Benjamin Reidhead
Emily Rapson
Nathan Peebles

Nina Bell, Principal
Amanda Bekeny
Micah Holt

Jason Smith, Principal
Whitney Clair, Principal
Chris Graham
Tom Pylinski
Jim Albrecht, Guest Principal
Sebastian Bell

Kenneth Heinlein
Laura Potter

Luke Rinderknecht, Principal
Dylan Moffitt, acting principal

Dylan Moffitt, principal
David Luidens
Chester Englander
Luke Rinderknecht, Principal
Andy Pongracz
Mell Csicsila
Bruce Golden
David Luidens

David Luidens
Zachary Mathes
Tom Sullivan
Sebastian Bell

Yvonne Frindle
Richard Rodda
David Budin

Halida Dinova

CityMusic Cleveland concerts are made possible by audience contributions.

CityMusic Cleveland

CityMusic Cleveland is a professional chamber orchestra that performs free concerts throughout Northeast Ohio,often accompanied by exhibits of local artwork.

Since exploding onto the scene in 2004, CityMusic Cleveland has won cheering audiences with beautiful music, brilliantly performed in familiar neighborhood settings.
FREE concerts - make CityMusic concerts accessible to everyone!

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Peak Performance

August 7, 2018

CityMusic Cleveland strives for more as it approaches its 15th season Story and photography by Michael C. Butz On a sweltering and stormy evening in mid-May, the Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus presented a special Saturday night service, of sorts. It was a program that typically takes place only four times a year at the […]

Social Media Resource Document

With generous support from the Cleveland Foundation, CityMusic Cleveland has embarked on a mission to enhance our digital footprint to more fully engage with our local communities, especially younger audiences. Our social media consultant has documented the strategy so far as a resource for other non-profits who may struggle to find the resources to devote to digital media. (link to social media resource page)

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